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PEG-bis-(ethyl phosphonate) contains two ethyl phosphonate functional groups (-O-CH2CH2-O-PO3Et2) attached to the PEG chain. The ethyl phosphonate group is known for its ability to form stable complexes with metal ions and cations, making PEG-bis-(ethyl phosphonate) a useful tool in the field of pharmaceutical research and development.

PEG-bis-(ethyl phosphonate) has been extensively utilized in the development of novel drug delivery systems, particularly in the area of gene therapy. Its unique chemical properties allow for the formation of stable complexes with plasmid DNA, enabling efficient transfection of cells in vitro and in vivo. The resulting complexes exhibit enhanced stability, reduced toxicity, and improved gene expression, leading to the development of safer and more effective gene therapies.

In addition to its use in gene therapy, PEG-bis-(ethyl phosphonate) has also been employed as a stabilizer and solubilizer for various pharmaceuticals, such as proteins and peptides. Its ability to form stable complexes with metal ions also makes it a promising candidate for the development of metal chelation therapies for various diseases, including cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

PEG-bis-(ethyl phosphonate)

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP11788PEG3-bis-(ethyl phosphonate)434.4≥95% Pricing
AP11789PEG5-bis-(ethyl phosphonate)522.51≥95% Pricing

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