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Pomalidomide-PEG-CH2COOH contains a PEG linker and a carboxylic acid functional group (-COOH) attached to the Pomalidomide molecule.

Pomalidomide-PEG-CH2COOH has been extensively utilized in the development of novel drug delivery systems. Its unique chemical properties allow for the covalent attachment of therapeutic agents to the Pomalidomide molecule via the carboxylic acid group. The resulting conjugates exhibit improved stability, increased solubility, and enhanced drug efficacy in vivo, leading to reduced side effects and improved therapeutic outcomes.

Pomalidomide-PEG-CH2COOH has also been employed as a potent inhibitor of tumor growth and angiogenesis. Its anti-tumor activity is attributed to its ability to modulate the immune system, leading to the activation of T-cells and the suppression of tumor cells.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP12999Pomalidomide-PEG2-CH2COOH419.39≥95% Pricing
AP12996Pomalidomide-PEG3-CH2COOH463.44≥95% Pricing
AP12998Pomalidomide-PEG4-CH2COOH507.5≥95% Pricing

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