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M-PEG-Propargyl is a functional polyethylene glycol derivative that contains a propargyl functional group. The propargyl group is a highly reactive functional group that can be used in various chemical reactions, making M-PEG-Propargyl a valuable building block in organic synthesis.

In the field of pharmaceutical research and development, It is commonly used as a linker molecule to conjugate various drugs and biomolecules. The propargyl functional group allows for the easy and selective modification of the linker molecule, which can enhance the bioavailability and pharmacokinetic properties of the resulting conjugate. Additionally, M-PEG-Propargyl can be used to facilitate drug delivery, targeted imaging, and therapeutic applications.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10196m-PEG3-Propargyl202.25≥95% Pricing
AP10197m-PEG4-Propargyl246.30≥95% Pricing
AP12338m-PEG8-Propargyl378.46≥95% Pricing
AP10198m-PEG9-Propargyl422.51≥95% Pricing
AP12339m-PEG12-Propargyl554.67≥95% Pricing
AP12340m-PEG17-Propargyl774.94≥95% Pricing

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