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M-PEG-Hydrazide is a type of polyethylene glycol (PEG) derivative with hydrazide functional groups attached to its structure. Hydrazide groups are nitrogen-containing functional groups that have unique chemical reactivity and are often used in the synthesis of biologically active molecules.

In pharmaceutical research and development, M-PEG-Hydrazide is commonly used as a linker molecule to attach drugs or other bioactive molecules to targeting agents such as antibodies or peptides. The hydrophilic nature of the PEG portion of the molecule provides solubility and biocompatibility, while the hydrazide group allows for the conjugation of various bioactive molecules through simple and efficient reactions.

M-PEG-Hydrazide has been shown to improve drug efficacy, reduce toxicity, and enhance pharmacokinetics. Additionally, it can be used for the development of targeted drug delivery systems, which can improve drug specificity and reduce off-target effects.

M-PEG-Hydrazide is a versatile and valuable tool in the field of pharmaceutical research and development, enabling the efficient synthesis of novel drug conjugates and targeted drug delivery systems.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10199m-PEG3-Hydrazide250.29≥95% Pricing
AP10200m-PEG4-Hydrazide294.35≥95% Pricing
AP11392m-PEG37-Hydrazide1704.04≥95% Pricing

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