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Folate-PEG-Propargyl(Folic Acid-PEG-Alkyne) is a type of functional group that has gained significant attention in drug research and development. It belongs to the family of folate-targeted agents, which are designed to selectively deliver therapeutic drugs to cancer cells expressing high levels of folate receptors. Folate-PEG-Propargyl is an attractive candidate for drug development due to its ability to improve drug solubility, enhance bioavailability, and increase half-life in the bloodstream.

Functional groups like Folate-PEG-Propargyl are crucial in drug research and development as they can modify the pharmacokinetic properties of a drug, increase its stability, and improve its target specificity. In the case of Folate-PEG-Propargyl, the addition of the folate moiety enables the drug to selectively bind to folate receptors on cancer cells, thereby reducing off-target effects and improving therapeutic efficacy.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10009Folate-PEG3-Propargyl610.62≥95% Pricing
AP15264Propargyl Folate478.469≥95% Pricing
AP15251Folate-PEG4-alkyne654.67≥95% Pricing

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