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Folate-amido-C2-amine-BCN is a functional group that plays a vital role in drug research and development. This group consists of a folate molecule, which is a type of vitamin B that is essential for various cellular processes in the human body. The amido-C2-amine-BCN moiety is a specific type of chemical structure that can be attached to the folate molecule, making it useful in drug design.

Functional groups are important building blocks in drug research and development, as they determine a molecule’s chemical and biological properties. Folate-amido-C2-amine-BCN is a versatile functional group that can be modified to create a range of drug candidates with different therapeutic applications.

In recent years, folate-amido-C2-amine-BCN has gained attention for its potential use in cancer treatment. Folate receptors are overexpressed on the surface of many cancer cells, making them a promising target for drug delivery. Folate-amido-C2-amine-BCN can be attached to a variety of drugs, allowing them to selectively target cancer cells and minimize damage to healthy cells.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP11022Folate-amido-C2-amine-endo-BCN659.69≥95% Pricing

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