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Bromoacetamide-PEG-alcohol is a chemical compound that belongs to the class of PEGylated molecules. This compound contains several functional groups, including a bromoacetamide group, a polyethylene glycol (PEG) moiety, and an alcohol group. The combination of these functional groups makes Bromoacetamide-PEG-alcohol a versatile molecule that has various applications in drug research and development.

The bromoacetamide group in Bromoacetamide-PEG-alcohol is a highly reactive functional group that can undergo various chemical reactions. It is commonly used as a reactive group for conjugation reactions with other molecules, such as peptides, proteins, and drugs. This functional group can also be used for the preparation of polymer-based drug delivery systems, where it serves as a linker for the attachment of drug molecules to the polymer matrix.

The PEG moiety in Bromoacetamide-PEG-alcohol is a hydrophilic polymer that can improve the solubility and stability of drug molecules. It is commonly used in drug research and development to enhance the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs, such as increasing their circulation time in the bloodstream and reducing their clearance rate. PEGylation of drugs can also reduce their immunogenicity and toxicity, which makes them more suitable for clinical use.

The alcohol group in Bromoacetamide-PEG-alcohol is another versatile functional group that can undergo various chemical reactions. It can be used as a linker for the attachment of other functional groups, such as carboxylic acids and amines, to the molecule. The alcohol group can also serve as a site for the introduction of modifications, such as esterification, oxidation, and reduction.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10944Bromoacetamide-PEG1182.02≥95% Pricing
AP10947Bromoacetamide-PEG2226.07≥95% Pricing

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