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Endo-BCN-NHS carbonate is a versatile chemical compound that has been widely used in pharmaceutical research and development. This compound belongs to a class of compounds known as carbonyl compounds, which contain functional groups that are essential for the synthesis of many biologically active compounds. Endo-BCN-NHS carbonate is particularly useful due to its ability to react with a wide range of functional groups, such as primary amines, thiols, and alcohols, allowing for the formation of covalent bonds between molecules. This reactivity makes it a valuable tool in drug discovery, allowing for the creation of novel drug candidates with improved efficacy and selectivity. In addition, the use of endo-BCN-NHS carbonate in pharmaceutical research has shown promise in the development of targeted drug delivery systems, which can help to improve the safety and efficacy of drug therapies.

endo-BCN-NHS carbonate

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10548endo-BCN-NHS carbonate291.30≥95% Pricing

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