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Amino-aliphatic-acids are a class of organic compounds that contain both an amino group (-NH2) and a carboxylic acid group (-COOH) attached to an aliphatic carbon chain. These compounds are important building blocks in biochemistry and are widely used in pharmaceutical research and development. The amino group provides basic functionality, while the carboxylic acid group confers acidic properties. In pharmaceutical research and development, amino-aliphatic-acids are often utilized as the starting point for drug design due to their versatility and ability to form a variety of inter- and intramolecular interactions. The functional groups in amino-aliphatic-acids can be modified to produce analogs with improved pharmacokinetic properties or to enhance binding affinity to specific target receptors.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP142959-Aminononanoic acid173.30≥95% Pricing
AP1416310-Aminodecanoic acid187.30≥95% Pricing
AP1415911-Aminoundecanoic acid201.30≥95% Pricing
AP1416212-Aminododecanoic acid215.30≥95% Pricing
AP1416115-Aminopentadecanoic Acid257.40≥95% Pricing
AP1416016-Aminohexadecanoic acid271.40≥95% Pricing

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