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PEG-NH-PEG is a chemical compound that belongs to the class of polyethylene glycol (PEG) derivatives. This compound contains two amine functional groups (-NH2) attached to the ends of a PEG chain, which are separated by a linker molecule.

The amine functional groups of PEG-NH-PEG can be easily modified to form covalent bonds with other molecules, such as drugs, proteins, or peptides. This allows for the development of novel drug delivery systems that can improve the bioavailability and efficacy of therapeutic agents. For example, PEG-NH-PEG can be conjugated with anticancer drugs to improve their solubility and stability, resulting in a more efficient treatment with reduced side effects.

PEG-NH-PEG can also be used to modify the surface of medical devices or implants, improving their biocompatibility and reducing immune response. The use of PEG-NH-PEG in such applications has been shown to increase the lifespan and functionality of implants, reducing the need for replacement surgeries and improving patient outcomes.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP11761NH-bis(PEG1-OH)193.24≥95% Pricing
AP10772N,N-Bis(PEG1-azide)243.27≥95% Pricing
AP14289NH-bis(PEG1-acid)249.30≥95% Pricing
AP12368NH-bis(PEG2-propargyl)269.34≥95% Pricing
AP11762NH-bis(PEG2-OH)281.35≥95% Pricing
AP11728NH-bis(PEG2-acid) HCl salt337.37≥95% Pricing
AP11763NH-bis(PEG3-OH)369.46≥95% Pricing
AP10553NH-Bis-m-PEG4397.50≥95% Pricing
AP13552N-(Methylamino-PEG3)-NH-PEG3-acid410.5≥98% Pricing
AP11685NH-bis(PEG3-azide)419.48≥95% Pricing
AP11686N-(Azido-PEG3)-NH-PEG3-acid HCl salt422.48≥95% Pricing
AP11729NH-bis(PEG3-acid) HCl salt425.48≥95% Pricing
AP12217NH-bis(PEG2-t-butyl ester)449.59≥95% Pricing
AP11764NH-bis(PEG4-OH)457.56≥95% Pricing
AP12222NH-bis(PEG2-NHBoc)479.62≥95% Pricing
AP11730NH-bis(PEG4-acid) HCl salt513.58≥95% Pricing
AP12218NH-bis(PEG3-t-butyl ester)537.69≥95% Pricing
AP12223NH-bis(PEG3-Boc)567.72≥95% Pricing
AP12219NH-bis(PEG4-t-butyl ester)625.8≥95% Pricing
AP12224NH-bis(PEG4-Boc)655.83≥95% Pricing
AP10554NH-bis-m-PEG8749.93≥95% Pricing

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