metabolomics analysis

Metabolomics Analysis Services

Metabolomics focuses on the study of small molecules, known as metabolites, within cells and organisms. It helps researchers better understand the dynamic relationship between biological systems, the environment, and human health.

Metabolomics analysis services are designed to measure, identify and quantify the small molecules produced in living systems. It allows researchers to study the metabolic pathways of a given organism, understand how metabolic pathways are affected by environmental factors and gain insight into biological processes and health.

AxisPharm offer comprehensive metabolomics analysis services, which include data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our services may also include customized data collection and analysis to meet clients’ specific needs. AxisPharm’s services cover”

Unknown Metabolite Identification

Untargeted Metabolite Profiling

Targeted Metabolite Quantification

Metabolic Flux Analysis (MFA)

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