In a single-dose PK experiment, the bioavailability of small-molecule drugs can be calculated by comparing the drug exposure of oral administration and systemic administration through a single administration and then testing the blood drug concentration of the compound in the animal.

Single-dose PK Study Protocol

SpeciesMouse, rat, dog, monkey, cat, rabbit, guinea pig
Dosing routeP.O., I.V., I.M.; I. P. etc
Groups2 groups, one for P.O. dosing, one for I.V. dosing
DosageP.O.: usually 5-10 mpk
I.V.:usually 1-2 mpk
Dosing frequencySingle dose
Number of animals3 per group, 6 in total
Time points5min, 15 min,30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr, 8 hr, 24 hr (other time points can be chosen)
Compound required10-20 mg (if formulation test is needed, more compound is required)
Analysis methodLC-MS/MS, standard curve
Data analysisWinNonlin
Turn Around Time5-10 business days

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