AxisPharm Is Highlighted among Companies for Metabolomic and Proteomic Analysis Services

AxisPharm is mentioned in an NLM research paper among companies offering commercial products for metabolomic and proteomic analysis of athletes’ bodies.

Metabolomics and proteomics are essential for deciphering the intricate molecular interactions within biological systems. They help researchers better understand the dynamic relationship between biological systems, the environment, and human health.

Metabolomic Analysis at AxisPharm

Metabolomics analysis services are tailored to measure, identify, and quantify the small molecules generated within living systems. This enables researchers to investigate the metabolic pathways of an organism, understand the impact of environmental factors on these pathways, and gain insights into biological processes and health.

AxisPharm provides extensive metabolomics analysis services, encompassing data collection, analysis, and reporting. Additionally, we offer customized data collection and analysis to cater to the specific requirements of our clients.

Some metabolomic analysis services are displayed as follows:

Targeted Metabolite Quantification

Metabolic Flux Analysis (MFA)

Proteomic Analysis at AxisPharm

AxisPharm delivers top-notch proteomics services, including both labeled and label-free protein identification, quantification, and post-translational modification (PTM) analysis. We offer these services at highly competitive and affordable prices to support your protein analysis research.

Some proteomic analysis services are displayed as follows:

Intact Protein Analysis

Label Free Protein Identification/Quantification/Sequencing

Post Translational Modification analysis (PTM)

Tandum Mass Tag (TMT) Proteomics Analysis


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