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The price of untargeted metabolomic analysis

In many cases, non-targeted metabolomics analysis is required to better treat patients with diseases, and not all hospitals can do biomic analysis, so it may be necessary to entrust specialized institutions, but many people find that the same The charging of metabolomics analysis is different, and today we will talk about this topic.

First, many cities currently have research and analysis institutions dedicated to metabolomics, so when it comes to what factors affect the price of non-targeted metabolomics analysis, we cannot ignore the analysis institution we choose. Usually, the price of the analysis institution is Different, because the qualifications of the institutions are different, the equipment is different, the technical level of the operators is different, and the economic conditions of the cities are different, so the natural quotations are also different.

Second, time is also a price-determining factor when conducting non-targeted metabolomic analysis, because people doing biological metabolomic analysis are in different situations, some just want to test, while others are waiting for the results. One-step treatment, so some people need expedited treatment. If the non-targeted metabolomics analysis is expedited, there are basically expedited costs.

Third, when it comes to the difference in the price of non-targeted metabolomics analysis, it is natural to mention the qualifications of the testing institutions. Usually, the highest-level testing institutions have the lowest prices, and their agencies also send samples to the headquarters. Testing, but the price was higher last time, and many people have different prices when they do analysis in hospitals. This is because many hospitals also entrust different testing institutions to do the analysis, not necessarily the hospitals themselves.

These are the reasons why the price of non-targeted metabolomics analysis is different, and as more and more institutions begin to analyze the metabolism of biological groups in the future, the cost of analysis and testing will be lower and lower, and everyone When choosing an analysis agency, you should also look at its specific qualifications and grades.

There are several aspects, the first one looks at the database. Some companies, such as Gloria Spectrum, use standard products to build their libraries, but they actually use the database of Metabolon in the United States. The cost of the standard product itself is relatively high, so the database investment to establish more than 5,000 standard products will be greater, and the price will naturally go up. Some companies use the software developed by the instrument company, which is not verified by standard products, and it is very easy to have unclear qualitative results, and there is no way to do the targeted verification in the later stage.

The second aspect is to look at the method. It is also metabolomics. Some companies use one instrument and one method, and some companies have several instruments and several methods in order to mine data as much as possible, which increases the time and instrument cost. So the price also went up.

The third is data interpretation. Some directly use free software to match metabolic pathways, and some use the bioinformatics team to interpret the data to extract effective information, so the results are completely different.

This has to do with the platform and database used by the company. Small molecule metabolites have high structural similarity and are difficult to distinguish and identify. Generally, metabolites identified by companies are only compared with the small molecule peak shape information included in the network database HMDB and the commercial database NIST, and the accuracy of the data is at great risk.

The standard library includes more than 1,500 endogenous metabolites, covering 95% of the metabolic pathways; it includes not only the retention time information that other databases do not have, but also the standard material and its mass spectrometry fragmentation information under different matrix interferences, effectively improving It improves the specificity and accuracy of metabolite identification; avoids the risk of false positives caused by the interference of redundant information (plant, drug, food, and synthetic compound information) in databases such as HMDB and NIST, and fully ensures the integrity of non-targeted metabolomics data. reliability. In addition, there are differences in the experimental management platform (XploreMET) and quality control standards used by each company, so the price will also be different.

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