MSn experiment is usually used for structure elucidation. It involves multiple stages of ionization/fragmentation, i.e. MS/MS/… (MSn). The first stage ionization generates the molecular ion, [M+1] in positive mode or [M-1] in negative mode. The second stage is to single out the molecular ion and fragment it to produce a group of daughter ions. Each daughter ion can also be fragment resulting in yet another generation of daughter ions. Continuing this MS/MS process to the n-th order, we then generate a “family tree” of the successive fragmentations. This family try is usually referred as “Ion Tree”. The molecular structure of the original molecule can be figured out by analyzing the fragments in the ion tree.

For most molecules, the MSn experiment can usually be carried out to the 5th or higher order. The amount of sample needed for this type of experiment is at least 10 µg. In term of concentration, it should be > 10 µg/ml just to ensure the signal is sufficiently strong for multiple stage fragmentation.

Customers requesting our structure analysis service can either requiring both experiments and data analysis (figure out the structure) or just the experiments only. Samples submitted for structure analysis has to reveal the molecular weight as the minimal required information. If data analysis is requested, any information might help in determining the final structure should also be disclosed to us. We routinely establish and strictly honor confidentiality agreement with our customers for any experiment involving proprietary materials. Please contact us if execution of a NDA is needed.

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