Bioanalytical method development is a process that is used to demonstrate the suitability of an analytical method for an intended purpose.

Through Bioanalytical Method Development service, AxisPharm provides solutions to tackle our customers’ analytical problems. For some common issues, We would offer free opinions and recommendations to our customers. Upon customer request, we may set up a collaboration project(s) to deal with particular analytical tasks. The charge for project-based research and method development is on an hourly or FTE (full-time equivalent) basis. In the case of large samples involved, we would entertain contract based price schedule. That could result in free bioanalytical assay development for those samples. We are very flexible in servicing our customers needs and would always be willing to travel the extra mile to satisfy our customers requirements.

There is one thing that we would like to point out explicitly: any method used and developed in our lab are the intellectual property of AxisPharm, LLC. unless otherwise defined in a pre-entered agreement. Transfer fees apply if a method developed in our lab is adopted or used by any customer.

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