AxisPharm Is Listed as One of the Top Bioconjugation Companies

AxisPharm, a chemistry technology company, has a team of highly skilled synthetic organic chemists with extensive expertise in bioconjugation techniques and chemical biology research.

Listed as one of the top bioconjugation companies, AxisPharm develops a wide array of advanced tools and offers custom or design synthesis services for life science research. These services encompass areas such as bioconjugation, diagnostics, biomaterials, and therapeutic applications.

Bioconjugation Service at AxisPharm

Bioconjugation refers to linking molecules or polymers with biomolecules or biopolymers. It can improve drug effectiveness by enhancing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties and by decreasing plasma protein binding. For example, incorporating polyethylene glycol (PEG) or polysaccharides reduces toxicity while increasing solubility and stability.

AxisPharm, as one of the top bioconjugation companies, is confidently leveraging its expertise to provide high-quality, customized bioconjugation services or design services that meet the specific needs of researchers and pharmaceutical developers.

Some of AxisPharm’s Bioconjugation Services are displayed as follows:

Bioconjugation Service at AxisPharm

Bioconjugation Analytical Method Development

Bioconjugate Process Development and Optimization

Formulation Services

ADC Linkers of Bioconjugation

ADC linkers of bioconjugation are antibody-drug conjugates that connect small molecule drugs to antibodies through a chemical chain, achieving targeted drug delivery and release. The ADC linker is a chemical structure responsible for stably connecting antibodies and small molecule drugs together while ensuring that the drug does not detach before reaching the target cell. Through precise molecular design, it achieves precise targeting of diseased cells, reduces the side effects of traditional chemotherapy, and provides patients with safer and more effective treatment methods.

Some ADC Linkers of bioconjugation from AxisPharm are given as follows:




APN amine



Dde Cleavable Linkers


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